New sites to learn Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese

Posted in Mandarin Podcast, Cantonese Podcast by twominchinese on June 5th, 2009

Hi, everyone,

Sorry that I didn't have enough time to update here.

We have more podcasts to learn Chinese Mandarin at // and learn Cantonese at //

You can still ask questions or make a topic request here and we can publish new lessons to your needs for the mp3 download or podcast learning.

Happy Learning!

Oh, you can may follow us at or //

Have a nice weekend and happy learning


Cantonese Lesson One: Food (1)

Posted in Cantonese Podcast by twominchinese on March 9th, 2007

We'll talk about food and restaurants in our first 3 lessons. Can someone listen and post what you can hear from the podcast?

Mandarin Lesson One: Food(1)

Posted in Mandarin Podcast by twominchinese on March 9th, 2007

Huan1 ying2! Welcome to the first Mandarin lesson. This is Paul. Chinese consider food is the number one important stuff in life. Who else doesn't ? Food is the basic needs of human being. So let's talk about food in our first lesson. 1) min2   yi2 shi2 wei2 tian1 (  people  consider food as heaven ) 2) chi1 fan4 (  eat    rice = have a meal ) 3) can1 guan3 ( meal house = restaurant ) 4)  ji 1 ( chicken ) 5) niu2 ( cow ) 6) yu2 ( fish ) 7) xia1 ( shrimp ) 8) rou4 ( meat )   9) cai4 ( dish or vegie ) 10) zhu1 ( pig )

If you master the above words, you may know how to say these:

ji1 rou4 (chicken meat) niu2 rou4 (beef) zhu1 rou4 (pork ) yu2 rou4 (fish meat )

We'll learn more next time. See you.


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